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Industrializing the Cloud.

Embrace a pervasive integration and serverless backend strategy, extend your applications with a seamless fabric of backend capabilities and extinguish the limitations as we know them today with a ubiquitous computing on the edge approach for superior user experience.

CloudBackend makes it effortless for developers creating cross-platform digital experiences, simplifying engineering requirements while letting developers use the tools and technologies they know best and staying focused on developing the business logic and user experience with zero system administration requirements. All made possible by an Edge Cloud Platform that seamlessly integrates the edge and cloud.

By leveraging a single API, SDK, and serverless strategy, developers can link their applications to CloudBackend’s file and object storage and attach features such as sharing, streaming, push notifications, messaging and chat functions without understanding and managing the complexities of the underlying backend. The backend ensures consistency in implementation of identity and access management policies, enables network discovery and network communication which represent a leap in developer efficiency with savings up to 70% of the application development cost on the client-side, zero server development time, and reduced time to market.

Customers manages their cloud through a self-service portal with integrated end-to-end services to manage everything from user accounts, price plans, coupons, automated CRM, subscriptions and payment to secure cloud service offerings with privacy through end-to-end strong encryption with customer managed keys.

CloudBackend allows automatic distribution of multi-tenant edge clouds that can serve an unlimited number of ecosystems and users across any device that runs at least on an ARM or a X86 processor. Agility and speed are brought to developers through a dynamic software model that allow applications to run local queries on synchronized metadata, respond to changes, while the object itself can later be streamed or fetched. It provides you with the freedom to build, run and deploy distributed cross-platform responsive applications at scale where metadata or the object itself drive interactions – such as the change of behavior in a system, an application or a sensor – in delivering the right experience in real-time. It is the distributed always synced database.

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