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Business Digitalized.

We provide you with the freedom to choose your tools and the flexibility to decide how you use our clouds native integrated services to deploy, run and monetize your digital business.

CloudBackend provides you with a self-service portal with access to our business operating system, documentation, and code libraries. Here you monitor and configure your cloud service; user accounts, price plans, managing limits, notifications, automated marketing and promotion campaigns, billing and payments.

User accounts management: Set up user accounts applicable for any purpose i.e. enterprise-wide or application-, user- and device-specific and link accounts to objects, data streams and meta data with security enforcement.

Access and Identity management: Connect sensors, devices, customers, partners or employees with anything. Identity driven centralized authorization for any application or service. Groups, users and roles is associated with Access Control Lists (ACL) and enables permission management on object or container level. It automatically synchronizes on-boarded users profiles and de-provisioned users across systems.

CRM, subscription and price plan management: Make customer and partner management simple, improve conversion rates, and grow additional revenue streams through affiliate programs. Track subscription metrics like recurring revenues and revenue shares for partners. Give your customers the flexibility to change their subscription plan as needed by supporting unlimited number of price plans with annual and monthly subscriptions and custom subscription plans tied to revenue sharing with partners. Launch incentives like free-trials and promotions coupons to capture more market share.

Billing and payments: Give your customers the convenience of paying any way they like. Support in-site transactions and electronic wallet management through virtual currency and micropayments. Collect payments across multiple payment channels using credit card, Paypal, Apple in app purchases, Google Pay and even invoices. Simplify tax calculation and tax management by handling VAT to consumers and businesses, including EU VAT and by generating reports for book keeping and tax authorities in accordance with VAT MOSS.

Let your friends access and follow your files through a http link.
Share your files, but also allow your friends to upload to your WebShare. A file inbox provided through a http link.
Collaborate and share a WebShare with friends and work together in a common folder through a http link.
Before publishing, make sure you own the copyrights and other rights to all materials you publish or that you obtained all necessary permissions.