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Business growth through net effects.

The CloudBackend mesh cloud grow with every service, app or device that connects. It will enable new experiences, accelerate access and benefit all applications built using CloudBackend technology. It fosters unprecedented compatibility among hardware and apps without developers having to think about future applications or onboarding ecosystems.

The mesh cloud brings a similar imagination as the Northern lights that illuminate the northern horizon as a greenish almost magical unexplainable glow. It is designed for resilience, to make things work together even if they were not designed to work together, to create the experience of a cloud that just makes things work, to be applicable across platforms, ecosystems, services, and hardware. To make clouds go were no clouds has gone before and always make sure it is kept in sync and available for any application. It is the Ubiquitous Cloud - a world were everything is connected and distributed, where data is cloud native and user identities federated. Like no other cloud service provider, our cloud is designed to dynamically grow and thrive on the edge, to be multi-tenant for several ecosystems and applications and millions of users – human or machines. It brings computing and storage capabilities to the edge to enable data processing near the source and to limit the amount of data to be sent across the network. This concept is sometimes referred to as fog computing – we call it the mesh cloud – enabled by our hybrid cloud computing technology.

CloudBackend provides a ubiquitous user identity that underpins any vendor that build new applications and services on top of CloudBackend as a common denominator, while it also allow each vendor to have its own uniquely branded user accounts and federated identities. A user identity allows users to automatically discover and leverage edge clouds. CloudBackend handles the network connectivity and allow unlimited ecosystems to leverage a edge cloud (depending on its configuration). Applications gain greater resiliency as data is stored in multiple locations on the edge so if one server or device goes down, the data can still be accessed, even allowing data to be accessed off-line.

In essence, this means that the more apps, services, or IoT devices that build on CloudBackend – the larger the mesh will be – and the faster the speed of any connected device. Imagine your car, home entertainment system and corporate backup NAS all working together to accelerate your business and cloud experience – regardless of application. Although centrally managed and operated, CloudBackend is also a distributed cloud that exists everywhere and expands the possibilities for any business using it – a very different foundation than traditional infrastructure as a service clouds.

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