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Our Story.

CloudBackend is the next generation Backend as a Service (BaaS) from the creators of Icloud. It is a service designed to out of the box be the all-purpose backend for applications, SaaS, and Internet of Things that requires not only privacy and security by design, but also by default.

It all started with a vision to create a Cloud OS and virtual desktop in the cloud to enable access to any data from anywhere. After selling Icloud, Daniel Arthursson in 2012 founded CloudMe - a global Software as a Service with over 1.5 million users running on a proprietary cloud platform and server hardware owned by the company. You can think of CloudMe as the combination of a device ecosystem, cloud sync and storage, an online database, and a file system in the cloud – all running on top of its own cloud infrastructure. The next step of our journey was to make this platform multi-tenant, to enable other businesses to build scaleable services and ecosystem on top of the universal backend. This has led to the launch of a new company, CloudBackend, the Edge Platform as a Service (EPaaS), designed to accelerate the time to market for building automotive software, SaaS, apps, IoT and data intense applications that need a synchronized object storage and monetization engine across devices, edge, and public clouds.

CloudBackend is built to scale to millions of users, to manage payments, subscriptions, user accounts, monetization, data, messaging and more in real-time. Since it is a one stop shop for launching a successful business, app or digitalizing an existing business – you can be rest assured to get a platform that is tested, well integrated and that just works whatever your business requirements are. The deep tech behind CloudBackend also includes a miniaturized private cloud of our public cloud, embeddable into mobile apps, IoT, servers or desktop apps – a cloud that also always is kept in sync with the public cloud. It will allow you to design solutions were your users carry a tiny private cloud in their pocket. That is what we refer to as Hybrid Cloud Computing.

As a creator of our own cloud platform, we are independent of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft Azure. Like no other cloud service provider, our cloud is designed for the API economy, it is the API in private or public. It is the next generation of cloud after IaaS and PaaS providing much more value and an entire prepackaged solution and ecosystem that encompasses even a private cloud. CloudBackend adds a higher abstraction level and systematic approach to how cloud services are delivered that allow you to bring your services to market faster with greater agility. You get a complete engineered system, a managed data fabric with composable ready made microservices to build, integrate and optimize the monetization of your apps while we have your back covered. We do the hard work behind the scenes for you and provide you with a scalable backend that extend your reach all the way to the edge. It makes it possible to build scaleable applications without writing a single line of server code.

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