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Privacy and Security by Design.

Comply with privacy laws and data protection regulations for cross-border transfer of identity and personal data.

Whoever appoints a cloud provider is always the controller of personal data and is responsible for protecting personal and sensitive data. Who do you put your trust in when you are legally responsible?

CloudBackend is compliant with European privacy laws and the impending European Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will be in force from the 25th of May 2018. Our service is delivered from our own physical servers in Sweden with security and privacy by design, but also by default. This removes your hassle and risk in deciding whether the commitments made by any non-EU based cloud service company or affiliate provide adequate safeguards for the personal information transferred to the cloud service provider not only among different sub-processors but also among different countries.

We enable our customers to take advantage of CloudBackend’s secure vault technology with strong client-side encryption to enforce security policies on the edge with a strong software based encryption. Our customers manage and control their own encryption keys designed to meet industry standard security and regulatory compliance.

CloudBackend digital identity provides confidentiality, authentication and authorization for people and connected devices through identity and access management and identity federation capabilities.

With applications powered by CloudBackend you create robust information governance controls to ensure all business information is preserved and disposed of in a manner that adheres to internal and external compliance mandates. Our hybrid cloud technology also makes it possible to implement automatic contextual access control in your application to enforce data locality/residency policies.

You can develop applications supporting an auditing trail of events registering who, what, when and where an action has been performed with real-time alerts to any subscribers and push notifications and real time monitoring of objects and meta data (i.e. event subscriptions). Data loss prevention is governed with automatic backups and version management. You can implement policies for cloud-to-cloud control as our private cloud is multi-tenant with possible separate policies and restrictions per tenant, group or container.

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