C++ dev

Sweden's next IT-wonder is looking for junior C++ developers to the world's most advanced decentralized database service.


Junior C++ developer with product focus

CloudBackend is about to launch a revolutionary new decentralized database service, The Singularity Database. The service makes developers considerably more productive with all technical challenges to run, manage, and build APIs for the database in the cloud solved from the get go, while also keeping data in sync with connected clients to simplify application development. This enables any front-end developer to build the entire solution and become a full-stack developer, while removing boring and tedious tasks from full-stack developers. It is a transformative technology for web developers, mobile app developers, and IoT developers. It is a key technology to enable decentralization of data, edge computing, and the shift into using a database as a service, instead of manually installing and running a database on cloud infrastructure.

We expect efficient system administration to become critical as we will build out more and more edge nodes across the world.

The ambition of the CloudBackend team is to build a service delivered from Linköping while being used by millions of developers throughout the world. We believe there is a chance for a dbPaaS to attract some of the market share currently held by companies such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – while at the same time leveraging them to deploy our service. With the shift to decentralization and edge computing, there is a chance to break the USA monopoly on cloud computing and bring it back to Europe and Sweden.

Work description

As a junior C++ developer, you will part of our SCRUM team and work to realize our product roadmap. It is a very innovative work, focused on product development of our proprietary database service. You will be an important part of the company and have ample opportunity for personal development as it grows.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of building a unicorn company and we will offer employees stock options. The CloudBackend team has previously invented and launched services such as iCloud and been behind brands such as MyCloud.

With the track record of being behind two of the world's most well-known cloud brands, it is time to create a third and we are looking for coworkers to participate in this exciting journey.


  • Expand CloudBackend's current SDK with new functionality according to the set product roadmap.
  • Program in C++ and be part of a distributed SCRUM team.

Our team is expected to grow to 20 people in the next quarters. This is your chance to be part of building something that will make a real difference!


CloudBackend's The Singularity Database is a decentralized, policy-driven database that lowers latency by storing data in the cloud, in the edge and on edge units distributed. The service is completely unique, with the intention to be used by millions of users across the world.

With CloudBackend a startup or application developer will be able to launch a global service with good performance across the globe that also meets all data regulation acts, without it requiring massive development resources. Application and web developers that normally spend a lot of time on data handling between clients and backend can now instead put those resources on improving the user experience and system functionality. CloudBackend's customers will thus be able to launch better services faster, with less resources, where they don't have to bother with mundane data plumbing, data synchronization or management of distributed databases in the cloud.

The team is virtual and distributed across Sweden.


We are looking for coworkers that want to participate in building something unique that will affect and be used by millions of people across the world. Coworkers that care about quality and take pride in their work. We are simply looking for coworkers that want a job where they can make a difference and that feel responsible for finding the best solution to a problem. We believe that you are passionate about programming, writing excellent code and finding solutions to different programming problems.

Hobby projects or other proprietary projects will be meritorious.

This position will require a vetting process with background check and security interview.


  • Fluent in Swedish and English (verbal and writing)
  • Knowledge of C++ (you master it and it is preferably as your main programming language).
  • Knowledge of object orientation and GIT.
  • Advanced Linux user.
  • Swedish citizen.


  • Knowledge of; SCRUM, JSON, XML, SQL, Java, Python, Docker, Ruby, Objective-C, Shell scripts


  • Starting date: Immediately, according to agreement
  • Location: Linköping (work from home or from the office)
  • Work hours: 8 hours per day. Flex with -16 to 16 hours per month.
  • Extent: Full time, permanent employment.

Do you accept this challenge? Are you CloudBackend's next talent and coworker in the success team?


Contact us via LinkedIn or 💻 work @ cloudbackend.com