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CloudBackend and its Singularity Database enables customers to build their solution on a virtual database and intermediate data layer decoupled from all existing cloud providers to make their service become distributed with automatic roaming and sharding of data to wherever their users are — optimized by speed, scalability, or low cost.

  ▣   Canada: Toronto
  ▣   United Kingdom: London
  ▣   Sweden: Gothenburg, Linköping, Norrköping, Stockholm


Daniel Arthursson
Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and ex Founder of iCloud, CloudMe, XIOS/3 and Xcerion.
Gustav Röken
Gustav has a finance and startup background; mainly focused on capital procurement both as ECM broker and startup CFO at deep-tech company Exeger.
Andrew Foxcroft
Andrew is a proven global sales leader, with an enviable track record of helping early-stage organisations grow substantial company value whilst achieving long-term customer satisfaction.
Robert Kviby
Growth hacker. Subscription sales and marketing expert with unique experience from SaaS, streaming, media and web.
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay is a telecom & software industry veteran overseeing strategy of next generation industry solutions, ex Managing Director at Cloudera.
Jay Zimmermann
Jay is an experienced architect, scrum master, and developer with background from the Bay Area, California, USA.
Anders Weister
Anders is an International B2B OEM channel expert, ex Director Sales at Oracle Global Alliance & Channels.

Board of Directors

Elis Nemes
Chairman of the board, Former VP North Europe Sun Microsystems, VP EMEA Novell, President, Arcot International Inc.
Per Grosskopf
Leading Expert in big data analysis, business intelligence, and distributed data management.
Kennet Rådne
Ex President Ericsson Software Technology, Head of Strategy and Business Development Telia, Head of Telia Latvia.
Lars Höckenström
Former fund manager and corporate finance specialist, focused on capital procurement. Board professional.
Daniel Arthursson
Founder of CloudBackend as well as iCloud, CloudMe, XIOS/3 and Xcerion.

Advisory Board

Bo Hedfors
Former President of Motorola Networks, Former CEO of Ericsson USA and CTO Ericsson Group.
Jean Paoli
Ex GM IoT Windows Developer Platform, ex President Microsoft Open Source, coauthor/ creator of the XML standard + XML in Microsoft Office (.pptx, .xlsx,.docx).
Rikard Kjellberg
Chief Product Officer of B.Yond and previously Vice President of Openstack Services at Mirantis.
(San Jose)
Frank Kelcz
Global media executive, venture partner at DN Capital and partner at the Collider accelerator.
Rami Avidan
Ex CEO Deutsche Telekom IoT, Ex CEO Tele 2 IoT, experienced within IoT for telecom and B2B2X marketing and sales.
Simon Telian
Ex Founder of Bountly, Group CIO at Advanced Blockchain. CEO at Advanced Blockchain AG.
Mitch Ferguson
Founder, AccelG2M, Early-stage Business/Corporate Development Executive at Hortonworks, SpringSource, Composite Software and Vitria.
(San Francisco Bay Area)
Herb Cunitz
Founder of AccelG2M, ex-President of Hortonworks, ex-SVP Global Field Sales of VMware.
(San Francisco Bay Area)
Shaun Connolly
Executive Strategist, AccelG2M. Previously Chief Strategy Officer at Hortonworks and VP Product at VMware, SpringSource, Red Hat, and JBoss.


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