IoT & Automation


Today's Internet of Things-like (IoT) products are embedded with software and electronics, real-time and ubiquitous connectivity and data communications, smart embedded sensors, real-time data analysis based on artificial intelligence and other complex and sophisticated technologies. With a Digital Twin, the manufacturer can open this data for developers, test scenarios and learn from collected data, make changes or updates, and ask what-if questions to simulate conditions based on real data that would not be realistic to attempt in real life. All testing is done on the digital twin first, giving the flexibility to walk through multiple scenarios prior to making a decision that could impact business processes, operations and employees. The adaptability that this can provide a company to innovate, develop and evolve without disrupting day-to-day operations is invaluable. Third-party developers will also be able to contribute to a manufacturer's experienced innovative depth — similar to how the apps on AppStore makes the iPhone more attractive than the innovation Apple let alone can provide.

CloudBackend provides a cloud service that enables the operation of a service that offers manufacturers to white-label a developer platform and hosting service for Digital Twins of their IoT devices (Digital Twin as a Service). The technology includes security and access to the cloud, data synchronization, and the link to every single connected IoT unit — the Smart Connected Device. The Digital Twin platform and other Digital Twin Services that needs to operate on the same data and be part of the so-called Digital Thread.