The Singularity Database

The Singularity Database is your database as a service in the cloud, with no need for any backend or API calls. Use the Singularity Database from your favorite application programming language with our SDK and we will take care of the rest.


Enable limitless data-roaming across cloud and device.


APPs & IoT


as a service



Device Data Management

A managed service that solves identity and data management; availability, synchronization, data security, and enables edge cloud computing specialized for the demanding requirements of a decentralized connected world.

Accelerate applications

Our no-code data layer APIs are not only meant to be used by containers and server code, they are safe to be directly called from mobile devices, web user interfaces, or third party software (ecosystem).

SDK And Self-Service Portal

Our low-code SDK is designed to allow customer onboarding through a policy governed self-service portal while ensuring seamless network discovery from connected devices.


CloudBackend takes its users from centralized to decentralized data, and enables fast, scalable and secure software. To developers it is a turnkey database backend, a device application server, and a tool that a allows them to rapidly build new systems.


Device acceleration as a Service


Sign up using our self-onboard portal. In the web interface you will find all the documentation and examples needed to get started.


Download our latest SDK. The SDK is available in popular languages like C++, Java and Javascript. Wherever you run it — CloudBackend will be operational.


Build your solution. The frontend, that is. We have already taken care of all backend data management and transfer between cloud and application. This includes identity management and authentication. Never before has something so complex been so simple.


Launch your service. Up until now everything has been free of charge, but as your system is launched and starts to generate revenue it is also time to choose one of our plans.


Congratulations! You have now launched a globally available, edge-accelerated service! All you have to do from here is to lean back and set the policies to your liking. We will handle the rest.

Simple development with endless scalability

Our platform manages deployment, operations, and scaling of required resources as well as handles everything from central coordination of data, issuing of identities, and the migration of data between cloud and device-edge, using policies.

A developer will experience this as working on a local database — while the user will get an offline-first edge experience, wherever in the world they might be.

Singularity Database

Across cloud and devices


Set or modify policies for device data acceleration needed at any given time and pay only for what you use.


No backend development (no-code) and zero API/network code in clients makes building applications and systems much cheaper and less risky.


Enabling low latency requirement use cases and innovative service creation through a low-code cross-compiling SDK for apps, containers, and cloud.


This means that when you master the Singularity Database for one application, it can just as easily be applied in any other sector. Congratulations, you are now a specialized in all different application markets.

Accelerated data as the new default

CloudBackend handles all data management at multiple levels end-to-end, from the application all the way up to the public cloud. All applications built on CloudBackend will have data acceleration as the default, but as easy to build as a local application.

Device Edge - No Backend

Partners & Accelerators


The Singularity Database runs and accelerates inside public cloud providers as well as in edge devices.


An identity-based architecture with security and privacy by design. Take control of your information.


We believe in simplicity, which is why all data and edge node management is completely policy based. Coding is for the front-end.


One shared data service for all solutions and all applications, from mobile or web apps to IoT, no matter the industry or target group.