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Introduction to CloudBackend SDK

CloudBackend SDK is an enriched Software Development Kit that allows for the development of applications on browsers, mobile devices, and IOT/embedded devices. Working with the CloudBackend Dashboard for data modeling and policy configuration, the CloudBackend SDK allows you to build complete data application solutions that can run within multi-cloud and edge environments.

The CloudBackend SDK includes Smart Sync, a state synchronizing service for bi-directional communication between browser, device, and the cloud without the need for separate custom API builds. The CloudBackend SDK with Smart Sync allow you to rapidly build applications on devices that are off-line first, able to fully function with disruption in connectivity.

The functional components in the CloudBackend SDK, illustrated below, are the building blocks to minimize your client-side development effort.


It provides a standard set of APIs to be used for all application development and includes network discovery, error handling, and network communication functionality, removing the need to build all the real-time infrastructure yourself.


Enables growth and immediate edge benefits by device acceleration with lower latencies as the network of edge nodes is built out globally across public cloud regions and telecom networks.
Software Development Kit
The SDK abstracts all complexity of utilizing global edge cloud capacity and up to 75% time savings increases competitiveness.
Test and verification tool to make it easy to see what you have stored in your test account. Available in a Linux and a Web version.
Web UI
XIOS - A partnership with XIOS/3 who provides a tool to make web development with CloudBackend easier.
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You will need a Tenant account to login to the Dashboard where you can manage identities, manage your administrator and tenant groups databases, define policies and perform administrative tasks using the Dashboard CLI. It has been optimized for the Chrome browser.

To access the Dashboard, go to and log in using your Tenant account username.

Dashboard login

When loged in you will see the available options on the left-hand side, e.g.:

  • Account shows information about your user.
  • Identities can be used to create a new user.
  • Documentation developer documentation for SDK, XIOS/3 and CLI.
  • Database is used to create, view and manage your containers where you will organize your data.
  • CLI is a command-based tool for the web which is useful during development to manually verify the data that your own code has created.
Dashboard Database
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Software Development Kit

With the access via your GitHub account, you can download the CloudBackend SDK packages including:

  • Android
  • Java
  • C++ on Linux Ubuntu
  • CLI on Linux
  • XIOS/3 extensions for access to your CloudBackend data

Get the CloudBackend kit

Request access to the GitHub repository containing the development packages. You will need to provide your GitHub user name. Send your contact information via e-mail to hello @

You will receive a confirmation when your access has been granted and then you can download the CloudBackend Software Development Kit (SDK). It contains packages for Java, Android, C++ (Ubuntu Linux on x86) development environments. These include code examples to give you a quick start.

You will also get a Tenant user account that is required to manage your account, including creating some client user accounts.