Development environment


The center of the CloudBackend development environment is the tenant account which gives the ability to create multiple individual identities for users and devices. Each identity gets its own home database for individual data as well as access to the tenant database.

How to :


Get the CloudBackend Mobile & IoT kit

Request access to the GitHub repository containing the development packages.

You will need to provide your GitHub user name. Send your contact information via e-mail to hello @

You will receive a GitHub confirmation e-mail when your access has been granted and then you can download the CloudBackend Mobile & IoT Software Development Kit (SDK). It contains packages for Java, Android, C++ (Ubuntu Linux on x86) development environments. These include code examples to give you a quick start.

You will also get a Tenant user account that is required to manage your main account, including creating some client user accounts.


Access the CloudBackend Web kit

Access to the Web SDK is provided from within the Database; please login to develop.



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